Driving in Nepal

Driving in Nepal might be a completely different experience for the residents of Western world. The roads are usually crowded and traffic rules are violated more often. Hence, driving in cities is very difficult due to the traffic and road conditions.

If you have an International Driving license (IDL) you can drive in Nepal.

Traffic rules

Although there are traffic signs, most roads do not have lane markings due to lack of regular maintenance. Lack of center yellow line makes it very difficult to know when you can or can not pass or overtake.

There is no law (that we are aware of) for right of way (RoW). The drivers should always be in high alert to watch out for other cars or pedestrians on the road.

Pedestrians crossings (Zebra Crossing) are only found in cities. They are not enough and pedestrians can be found crossing road everywhere. People might cross in front of you unexpectedly and be prepare to stop at all times. Law of drinking and driving is not fully enforced. Horn blowing is common and widely used. Same road for bikes, cars, and bicycles and animals. In Nepal, almost half the traffic fatalities involve Pedestrians. There are not enough parking facilities and most vehicles are parked right at the road side.

For sheer driving pleasure and scene views of the valleys and mountains, go for a highway drive such as Kathmandu to Pokhara, Kathmandu to Dharan and other highways in Nepal.


Following video shows zig-zag and risky roads in Nepal, dogs on road, road side parking on wrong lane.

Driving in crowded Kathmandu roads and constant honking.

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